HP LaserJet M5035 Multifunction Printer series - Advanced Addressing Settings

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Advanced Addressing Settings

The following illustration and table describe how to use the Advanced Addressing Settings screen.

Figure 4-10

Advanced Addressing Settings screen

Table 4-8

Advanced Addressing Settings


Area on the screen

Information or capability that the area provides


HP EWS tabs and menus

For more information, see

Navigating through the HP Embedded Web





Click to open a help file that contains information about the screens on the
Digital Sending tab.


Advanced Search Options

Select the advanced LDAP server search settings. The following settings are

Max LDAP Addresses. Use this control to set the number of matching
e-mail addresses returned by a single search. The smaller the number,
the quicker the search.

Max Search Time. Use this control to set the amount of time that the
device will wait for a response from the LDAP server. In environments
where the LDAP server is busy or the network is slow, this timeout
should be increased.

LDAP Filter Condition. Use this control to set up an optional LDAP
filter to “filter out” e-mail addresses.


Find entries in the Database Select whether the LDAP search queries include entries that begin with the

partial name or all entries that contain the partial name anywhere within the
entry's name.