HP LaserJet M5035 Multifunction Printer series - Wake Time

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Wake Time

An IT administrator can use the Wake Time screen to schedule product wakeups on a daily basis. For
example, the product can be set to wake up at 07:30, so the product has finished initializing and
calibrating and is ready to use by 08:00. The administrator sets only one wakeup setting per day;
however, each day can have a different wakeup setting. Additionally, to save energy, the sleep delay
can be set to turn the product off after a specific period of inactivity.

Figure 3-16

Wake Time screen

Table 3-12

Wake Time


Area on the screen

Information or capability that the area provides


HP EWS tabs and menus For more information, see

Navigating through the HP Embedded Web Server



Wake Time

Select one or more days on which to use the wakeup setting, and then set the time
the product is turned on each day.


Sleep Delay

Set the amount of time the product is idle before it goes into Sleep Mode. When the
product is in Sleep Mode, it uses less energy.


Wake Time


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Chapter 3 Configuring the product from the Settings screens


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